Bhie Beltran

If someone would have told that I would be teaching moms how to create homemade bath and body products, I would have said they were crazy! Yet, here I am, doing just that, and I couldn’t be happier.

My name is Bhie Beltran, and I am your body care DIY guru! As a hairstylist by trade, I used to work with all sorts of chemically infused hair products. 
After learning how harmful those products were, I began rethinking my personal care routine. I started raising awareness and persuading my clients to try paraben, SLS, and gluten-free  personal care products, such as Terrah Essentials, as a safer and healthier alternative for the whole family.

Not only that, but having witnessed my brother and sister-in-law lose their battles to cancer challenged my perspective on many things including how we treat our bodies.

I recall my sister-in-law reminding me to read the labels of my cosmetics. They told me to avoid products that contain parabens for example, which have been linked to cancer and are known to interfere with hormones.

Since we are in control of what we put on our skin, we can, and should make healthier choices.

Natural alternatives are better option, but because they are more expensive than conventional products, not everyone can afford them.

That’s why I started Terrah Essentials. I want to change the way we take care of ourselves – proactively and creatively.  Since then, I have been teaching and sharing my knowledge with all of my clients.  Now, I want to reach more women particularly Moms.  I long to see the day when making cosmetics for their family is the new normal, just, like baking and cooking.  Don’t worry, if you can make mac and cheese, you can make cosmetics too!

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What People Say....

Crina cretu

Bhie Beltran, I absolutely LOVE your deodorant! I need a new one I'm running out!

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Tin Natividad

"Bhie Beltran, thank you for your passion, creativity and excellent customer service! You never cease to amaze me! And by the way, no rashes for 2 days because of your No Name yet soaps! Love you lots!!

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Monika Younger

Bhie Beltran, I love your products. Thank you so much for catching my order mistake AND including the hoodie I forgot at your studio last month in my shipment. You are wonderful and certainly go above and beyond. Oh AND thank you for including a free chapstick in my order. Sorry this is coming late, I was away at a family reunion, north of Sudbury, with no cell service. You have a loyal customer over here.