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All Natural Deodorant

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Best Natural Deodorant Canada



Our all natural deodorant is part of our Cleanse & Rinse Collection.  We consider the “Mint” kind is the best natural deodorant for men, it is scented with peppermint essential oil, it’s minty scent just give you that fresh and menthol kind of vibe.  It is actually considered unisex in nature.

The “Bergamot” kind is our best natural deodorant for women.  Bergamot essential oil just gives you that citrusy, uplifting aroma to start your day bright and sunny.

It can be a what you call diy natural deodorant as it is handcrafted or hand poured in small batches for quality freshness.

Both can be natural deodorant for kids also.

What are some of harsh chemicals found in most deodorants and what does it do to your body?

Aluminum blocks your sweat ducts temporarily. It promotes breast cancer cells.

Triclosan – it can irritate your armpit.  Also kills the good and bad bacteria , considered a pesticide.

Parabens – disrupts your body’s hormonal balance.

Baking Soda – prolonged use can irritate the skin.

Aluminum Free, Paraben Free. No Phthalates , Triclosan, and no baking soda.

Based on our ingredients listed below, this deodorant stick can be a deodorant for kids.

Ingredients : beeswax, coconut oil, zinc oxide, arrowroot powder, Vitamin E, spearmint essential oil.

best natural deodorant for men
best natural deodorant for women

Our ingredients: coconut oil, arrowroot powder, zinc oxide, beeswax, essential oils, vitamine E

Additional information

Weight 85 g

bergamot, mint

5 reviews for All Natural Deodorant

  1. Alyssa

    I’ve been looking for a deodorant that does not contain aluminum and this product was recommended. Most are in US so I am happy it’s from Canada. The texture is soft, and the smell is so fresh. Highly recommended:)

  2. Marie

    i’ve tried this wonderful deodorant and it was perfect. you feel fresh all day long..
    i recommend it 100% ..

  3. Sophia

    The best handmade deodorant that I have tried so far.

  4. Trish

    I love the bergamot scent.

  5. Ralph

    My girlfriend gift me this deodorant and it worked.

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