• exfoliating face scrub
  • exfoliating face scrub

Minty Green Tea Facial Scrub

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sugar scrub for face


An excellent gentle exfoliant, it works well to slough off dead skin cells and reveal a healthy glowing skin.   With peppermint essential oil, its minty scent refreshes the skin.

This is a natural exfoliating facial scrub for oily skin.  This cleansing facial scrub is scented with essential oil blends of peppermint and tea tree essential that works best to give you that minty, awaken, radiant look.

Ingredients:  granulated sugar, green tea leaves, olive oil, peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil, mica.


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Weight 118 g

1 review for Minty Green Tea Facial Scrub

  1. Alexis

    This is my favourite exfoliant. A “perk me up” to wake me up before I put on my makeup. The minty feeling is pure bliss?

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