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Soy Candles Canada

$22.60 HST

Fresh Natural Soy Candles.



Our natural soy candles are inspired by nature.  It is handcrafted not to overpower your space but to complement it.  Soy wax candles are considered non-toxic compared to paraffin waxes,  in short, it is considered healthier and safe for the environment.

Our soy wax candles are hand poured in small batches with its unique color and fragrances. Our fragrance oils are paraben and phthalate free.

We consider soy candle making very seriously.  Our diy soy candles burn clean and last up to 30% longer than paraffin candles.

We use cotton premium wick that does not contain lead.  Above all, we only buy our soy waxes in a Canadian suppliers.  We believe in supporting Canadian products and buying local goods.


Our Soy Candles Ontario

soy candles ontario
Coffee Cake

Our Coffee Cake is part of our Signature Collection.  The aroma that makes your body alert and up.

A nice personal gift on any occasion for coffee lovers that you know.

Comes in 12 oz size.

natural soy candle
Pumpkin Delight

Pumpkin delight hmmm, made with love to tickle your senses.  It is warm and spicy with a hint of cinnamon.

Perfect gift for someone longing for a baked pumpkin pie.  

12 oz size.

diy soy candles
French Lavender

Your spa in a jar.  An instant favorite, light this candle for a calming doze or a relaxing bath.

A perfect gift no one can resist to receive.

12 oz size.

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french lavender, pumpkin delight, coffee cake


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