Why Switch To An All Natural Deodorant?

Most of us rely on deodorants to keep our bodies odor free. However, regular use of deodorants or antiperspirants have some downsides.  Deodorants can cause skin issues by clogging the pores that cause perspiration.  They have also been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.  In addition, antiperspirants make sweating worse by causing a buildup of sweat beneath your skin.  Luckily,  natural deodorants can remedy these issues because they are against animal testing and are effective in getting rid of odor.

 Sweating is Important to Your Health.

Sweating helps your body regulate temperature and release toxins.  However,  it makes you feel conscious because of the stench you give off.  Sweat is not what smells.  It is the bacteria that reside on your skin that causes the bad odor.  Antiperspirants clogged your glands, providing the breeding ground for bacteria.

Our natural deodorant recipe contain the following ingredients!

Coconut oil is use in different deodorant brands as the solid base of  deodorant stick or armpit paste.  Arrowroot powder helps absorb wetness and kill bacteria that cause body odor.  Essential oils have antibacterial properties for fighting odor.

Ingredients You should Avoid in Your Deodorant


It can irritate the armpit. It also kills the body’s good and the bad bacteria.  It is classified as a pesticide and as a carcinogen in some cases.


Aluminum in deodorants stop the flow of sweat by blocking your sweat ducts temporarily. It may mimic estrogen and promote breast cancer cells.


Parabens disrupts your body’s hormonal balance and like aluminum compounds, they mimic estrogen, which contributes to the formation of breast cancer.


Switching to  natural deodorant has its share of benefits.   Apart from avoiding skin irritation and maintaining the natural sweating process, you will be able to fight the odor that comes after you sweat.  The key to switching to natural deodorants is to be keen on the ingredients of the deodorants you choose to use.



There are several natural deodorants in the market.  Do your research.  The simpler the ingredients, the better.  Ours are made without baking soda.